Our new membership fees for 2022 will be published shortly.

Please note: Annual Membership subscriptions now cover the Jan – Dec period as of 2021. If you haven’t paid your subs for the year yet, please do so ASAP. Subscriptions that were due in January have been calculated to allow for a reduction/discount due to Covid-19. Fines and disqualification may be enforced by the league if non bona-fide players represent any clubs.

For further information regarding the discounts applied for closure due to Covid-19 please contact the Club.

Looking for a playing partner?

Are you are interested in joining the club but are struggling to find a playing partner then please contact the club

Member Subscriptions  2021

Family£1982 Adults who are 18 & over, living at the same address with children under 18 on 1st January 2021
Adult £84under 25 years
Students£4516 + and in full time tertiary education
School Year 9 & above£45Year 9 and above
School Year 4 – 8£20Year 4 – 8
School Year 3 & underFreeYear 3 and under
Guardian£20Primary aged children must not be left unaccompanied

Please note that court hire is currently only available for club members. Why not sign up to become a member and enjoy a fun sport in the outdoors where you can socially distance.

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Visitors Fee:  Currently visitors can’t book a court due to the Covid-19 crisis, however, we hope to be fully operational again soon. For future reference: £10 / visit refundable when pay annual subscription fee.

Court hire:  Not currently available.