Great Ayton Tennis Club is a Charity (CIO) managed by a team of unpaid Trustees, Team Captains, Volunteers and our members; who as a  cross-section of society provide expertise in a wide range of fields from business, healthcare, law, childcare to financial auditing.

Our main expenses are maintaining the courts and grounds, repairs, rent, insurance, council tax, website, League and LTA fees. Major renewals such as the recent “Poraflex” resurfacing  requires significant annual savings over a long period of time to build a sinking fund for future investment. We endeavour to keep our subscription fees affordable and to encourage new members particularly juniors and their whole families. The more members we have the more the cost can be shared.

The family rate assumes two playing adults and basically as many children as you have nearly for free. Where only one parent plays it may be better to join as an individual adult and junior(s). No problem if you choose to do that. Where neither parents play tennis we encourage Guardian membership, where the Guardian (might be grandparent) looks after a Junior and provides a ball feeding service and lots of encouragement, when not being professionally coached. We accommodate the situation where one partner is a reasonable player by providing both keep fit classes, social facilities and coaching to the other more “reluctant” partner. There are worse places to just sit and relax in the sunshine, taking pride in junior’s growing expertise. And we have not forgotten those who thought they were no longer able to play.

We accommodate all types of individual, family group, disability and financial circumstance and provide a confidential consultation service should you wish to explore options not covered by our basic offer below.

Member Subscriptions  2019

Adult £110
Adult under 25 years £80
Family £230 Adults who are 18 & over, living at the same address + children under 18 on 1st April 2019 + students
Little Aces (3-9 years old) £25 Juniors having coaching must be members
Junior Smashers (10-15 years old) £30 Juniors having coaching must be members
Guardian £10 1 Adult – only practising with Junior
Students (16-22 years) £40 In tertiary education
Adult Country  Membership £ 60 Usual residence more than 50 miles from GATC

Subscriptions for 2019 are due. In the case of existing members payment is required by 30th April to retain membership. Team members need to have paid before representing the Club in inter-club matches.

GATC Membership Form 2019

Visitors Fee:  £5 / visit refundable when pay annual subscription fee

Court hire:  £10.00 per court – contact Irene Reah on 01642-723804