Please note: Membership subscriptions for 2021 will be due from January 1st 2021. Fines and disqualification may be enforced by the league if non bona-fide players represent any clubs.

Member Subscriptions  2021

Family£1982 Adults who are 18 & over, living at the same address with children under 18 on 1st January 2021
Adult £84under 25 years
Students£4516 + and in full time tertiary education
School Year 9 & above£45Year 9 and above
School Year 4 – 8£20Year 4 – 8
School Year 3 & underFreeYear 3 and under
Guardian£20Primary aged children must not be left unaccompanied

Please note that court hire is currently only available for club members. Why not sign up to become a member and enjoy a fun sport in the outdoors where you can socially distance.

GATC Membership Form

Visitors Fee:  Currently visitors can’t book a court due to the Covid-19 crisis, however, we hope to be fully operational again soon. For future reference: £10 / visit refundable when pay annual subscription fee.

Court hire:  Not currently available.