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Organised Playing Time

Tuesday and Friday evenings from 6.30pm in the summer and during the winter from 1.30pm. Saturday mornings from 10.00am until 12.00pm. Club members competitive tennis every Saturday afternoon: Mixed, Ladies, Mens, Juniors using different formats to ensure everyone gets good games.

The calendar shows when the teams are playing matches on courts 1-3. Courts 4-5 are available anytime but again refer to the calendar for occasions when they are being used for activities like coaching.

Throughout the summer season we hold many social events just for fun: Open Days, Tournaments (for Seniors, Families and Juniors), BBQ’s, Strawberry Teas and we accommodate those who like Prosecco and other fizzy drinks, rum cocktails or the occasional beer or glass of wine or there is The Buck (our local pub) next door.

If you would like to improve your tennis skills we have Coaches available. Some members prefer group sessions focused on a particular techniques or general skills like positioning yourself on court  or one-to-one performance and consistency improvement or learning from scratch.

Wednesday nights are for our Junior members to take advantage of coaching. These run from 4pm onwards in hourly group sessions.

There are various 4-somes who play regularly throughout the year, during the day and of course we will help new members find players of a similar ability. There is a risk you will form lifetime friendships.

So come on… why not give us a try? Pop down for a club night session and join in. See how you get on. You never know, you might just be hooked on tennis for ever!


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