News From Cleveland League AGM:
League Committee are appealing to players to help with league website as Bob is retiring this year. Let Denise know if you are interested in taking on this valuable role. If there are no volunteers, Tony will introduce League Planner and IT support will be offered to captains.

News from Men’s A Team:

Wayne Stephenson’s Mens A team won the second division of the NPL League which is the winter league run by Mike Dixon.

Congratulations to Phil and Julie on winning the March American Tournament.

The club enters senior teams in the Dunlop Cleveland Tennis League including a Men’s A, Men’s B, Men’s C, Ladies A, Ladies B, Ladies C, Mixed A, Veterans A and Veterans B teams who play in the league divisions. We also enter the League knock out Cup and the region’s Winter League. The Mens A team also enter teams in the Yorkshire County League and the National Premier League.

Team Captains

MENS ‘A’ Team – Wayne Stephenson

MENS ‘B’ Team – Wayne Stephenson    

MENS ‘C’ Team – Martin Press       

LADIES ‘A’ Team – Jane Joughin           

LADIES ‘B’ Team – Julie Wilson        

LADIES ‘C’ Team – Irene Reah               

MIXED ‘A’ Team – Miriam Fawcett          

VETERANS ‘A’ Team – Jane Bourne

VETERANS ‘B’ Team – Julie Wilson

Interested in playing in one of our teams?

Contact us if you are interested in joining one of our teams.

Past Team Achievements


Men’s ‘A’ Team (Cleveland League) finished 4th in Division 1 and will remain in this Division.

Men’s ‘B’ Team finished top of Division 3 and will be promoted to Division 2.

Men’s ‘C’ Team finished top of Division 6 (by wide margin) and will be promoted to Division 5.

Ladies ‘A’ Team (Cleveland League) finished top of Division 2 and  promoted to Division 1

Ladies ‘B’ Team finished 5th in Division 3 and will remain in this division.

Ladies ‘C’ Team finished 4th in Division 4 and will remain in this division.

Mixed Team (Cleveland League) finished 2nd in Division 2. Promotion to be decided at league AGM.

Veterans (Cleveland League) currently 2nd in Division 1 and 5th in Division 2 . Some matches outstanding.


In 2018 the club had a men’s team in the 1st Division for the second time in our 81 year history.  Not only that, they reached the semi-final of the league knock-out cup, however, were defeated by the eventual winner, Tennis World.  They were also accepted into the Yorkshire County Tennis League and competed against teams including Beverley, the home of Kyle Edmunds.

A team of 4 men played 5 matches in Division 2 of the Yorkshire County League and finished an excellent 2nd. Last winter, they played in the second division of the North East Winter League of the National Premier League.

It was noticeable at the Slazenger Cleveland League Cup presentation in 2018, that with nine teams entered from our club, we were unching well above our weight compared to the number of teams from other clubs.

In the same year our Ladies ‘B’ team were promoted from 3rd to 2nd division. Both Men’s teams won cups and gained promotion. Men’s 1st moved up to Division 1 and the Men’s 2nd team to Division 4.