Club play

  1. Have fun and enjoy yourself and help others enjoy themselves.
  2. The aim of tennis is to win but respect your opponents and try not to sulk if you lose.
  3. Any form of abuse is unacceptable. That includes verbal abuse and throwing your racket at your opponent or the ground.
  4. Swearing if you miss a shot encourages your opponents and sets a bad example to listening juniors.
  5. It is good etiquette to avoid distracting players by walking behind a court during a rally.
  6. Whilst coaching or general play is in progress, please make sure young children do not enter the courts as it is disruptive to play. It could also be dangerous and poses a health and safety risk.
  7. If there are people waiting limit you game to a short set.
  8. Did we say have fun!


  1. Non-marking tennis shoes are essential.
  2. Clothing should be appropriate for exercise. Something suitable when you are warming up and cooling down and when you are hot playing.
  3. White clothes reflect the sun and keep you cool and contrast nicely with the  courts plus handily you can hide on the white lines.  However, any sports clothing as seen at tennis tournaments etc are acceptable.
  4. Not acceptable are jeans, ski suits, polar bear outfits. Remember to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated,